• OwnWall - Building the rural electrification of tomorrow

    Software defined power converters
    to trigger bottom up rural electrification

  • Jean Alinei, product designer for the OwnWall project, talks about our idea.

  • Rural electrification challenges

    One Billion - 1 000 000 000

    Is the number of people without access to electricity, most of them women

    Solutions are too unique

    Field practionners solve each case with specific solutions leading to high development costs of non re-usable technical solutions.

    Renewable energy is not readily available

    Renewable energy is intermittent and requires complex solutions

    Prices struggle to be competitive

    Rural electrification is not cheap, specially in terms of maintenance

    Fossil-fuels based solutions are not sustainable

    Diesel generators are widely used in rural electrification, but they are neither sustainable nor cheap

    Technology is proprietary, but maintenance is collective

    Proprietary technology blocks the path to long-term maintenance and local development

  • Power electronics for electrification

    Energy can be locally manufactured ...

    There are solutions to locally build renewable energy sources

    ... but power electronics are still off-the-shelf

    The key to energy management is power electronics, but its design remains proprietary technology

    Off-the-shelf technology often means customs fees

    Importing off-the-shelf power converters often means custom fees and delays that can hamper long-term energy provision

    Developing solutions takes time, people and funds

    Locally developping a solution may seem a good idea, but time to market and slim ressources are a great hurdle to overcome

    Maintenance means proximity between field and industry

    Effective maintenance requires a close link between the industry providing the technology and rural communities

  • Our disruptive proposition

    Open standard hardware

    Using a standard, universal and open hardware converter will dramatically cut costs.

    This standard element will be a game-changer in an emerging market, by combining high-tech with local manufacturing.

    Collaborative software marketplace

    From an universal hardware it will be possible to create and sell collaborative software.

    These software defined power converters will provide the final user the tools to answer any problems emerging from the field.

    Innovative business models

    With hardware compatibility and software flexibility, field practionners can diversify their business models.

    Global companies can increase profitability by moving from selling hardware to leasing software.

  • The OwnWall Project

    Robust Open-Source Power Electronics Technology for Bottom-Up Rural Electrification

    An unique power converter

    Flexibility lies in redundancy

    Using redundancy to favor flexibility, the open-source three-phase converter of the OwnWall project is the generic platform needed to answer the needs of the field

    Going to the source

    Knowledge is best shared

    All the development is led on from a centralized repository.
    You can access it below.

  • The Blog

    We proudly annonce that we are selected as finalist for the the TAPAS challenge organized by Siemens.
  • Meet the team

    Dr. Luiz Lavado

    Associate Professor

    University of Toulouse - France

    Rafael Oliva

    Electronics Engineer

    L&R Ingeniaria - Argentina

    Jean Alinei

    Product Engineer

    ACE - France

    Ronan Blanchard

    Control Engineer

    Grenoble INP - France

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